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the Suitcase

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App Features

Watch mode

Make sure you didn't forget your suitcase. Watch mode is recommended to make sure your suitcase is in range and when you want to get an alert once it is out of the range you set on your phone (3m/12m).

Lock/unlock mode

Keep your suitcase locked. Place the zipper pullers inside the lock and push the Lock button on your App. The lock is TSA approved by the airport authoritie.

Find my suitcase mode

Get notified when your suitcase has arrived. It is recommended to activate Find Mode when you arrive to the suitcase conveyor area after landing.
The App will alert you when your suitcase gets closer within range of your phone.

Weighing mode

Avoid overweight fees. In order to weigh your suitcase please press the Weight botton and then lift your suitcase from the upper Carry handle. The weight will appear on your screen

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