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The present Cookies Policy presents the types of cookies we use to operate the Application and how you can control them and adjust your own browser privacy settings. Any access to or use of the Application or the services it provides is subject to the present Cookies Policy, as well as to the Terms of Use and to the Privacy Policy (together called the “Full Terms”). By accessing or using the Application or the provided services, you declare that you have read and understood these terms, that you accept them and agree to comply with them. If you do not accept and agree with the terms, you are thereby prohibited from accessing or using the Application or any of its provided services. The Company reserves the right to modify the Terms of Use, the Privacy Policy, and/or the Cookies Policy at any time. Any such modification will be fully applicable to you without prior notice. It is your responsibility to review the terms from time to time to ascertain whether any updates have been made. If you do not agree with the updated terms, you can choose to refrain from using the Application.

1. Types and Uses of Cookies
A cookie is a small piece of information collected when you enter or perform a specific action on a website or mobile application and stored in your Internet browser. Cookies enable websites and applications to “remember” users’ preferences and save them the trouble of entering the same information each time. For example, cookies can “remember” account log in information, web searches and results, or products placed in an online shopping cart. When the user comes back to the same website, the username is pre-entered, the shopping cart is updated and the search bar displays previous searches.

Cookies are also used to provide users with specific advertising or marketing material or to collect data on their websites’ usage. We may use the following cookies: – Session Cookies: session cookies are deleted when you close your browser. – Persistent Cookies: persistent cookies are not deleted when you close your browser. They each have a specific expiry date. – Flash Cookies: flash cookies are associated with Adobe Flash technology. You can control and/or delete these cookies through Adobe software only. For more information, please consult Adobe software Help. – Web beacons: web beacons are small files in the “.gif” format enabling collection of information about users’ usage of websites and mobile applications. – Third-party Cookies and Other Technologies: the Application may contain third-party cookies or other third-party widgets. These cookies collect information and transfer it to the third-party website or application. We use these cookies to determine user-specific advertising, and monitor and improve the Application.

2. How to Control Cookies
You can manage cookies preferences or delete cookies through your browser settings. Depending on your browser, you can choose to accept only certain types of cookies, or no cookies at all. Please note that some cookies are necessary to properly operate the Application and related services. If you disable the use of cookies, some of the services offered by the Application will not be available to you. 3. Contact For any questions about the present Cookies Policy, you can contact Customer Service at the following e-mail address:
The Cookies Policy has been last updated on: [2/8/16]

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